Workout Wednesday – 11/23/16

Let’s be real.. some days you just don’t have time to do any type of elaborate workout… I know I don’t. With my job, I wake up around 5 (and Lord knows I can’t get up any earlier), and I get home in time to have about an hour with my baby before I put him down to bed. So basically, I need something to burn some calories within the half hour between putting baby down and passing out myself. Here is a workout that I have done in the past that is quick, easy, and effective.

Oh, also, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so… there’s that too. Hah…

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Motivation Monday – 11/21/2016

Happy Monday! Ok let’s be real, I hate Mondays, even on a short week like this one (yay, Thanksgiving!), and I could really use something to make me feel good, get me ready for the week, and remind me that God will get me through whatever the coming days hold for me. Chin up, chest out! It’s gonna be a good week! -K

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You’re not a bad mom

This post is dedicated to the moms who played Plants vs Zombies last night for an hour after the baby went to sleep instead of finishing her Bible study because her brain needed a vacation. To the mom who let her baby chew on the pacifier he dropped on the floor of the restaurant just so she could maybe get a bite of her food in before he started demanding to be let out of the high chair. To the mom who is praying her baby will take like a 4 hour nap so she can maybe get some work done. So basically… to me, and other moms like me. I know you’re out there… I can’t be alone in this.

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Can God lose the election?

I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to write a post about the election. In fact, my plan was to launch my blog after all the drama was over so that I could avoid it.

There are plenty of blog posts and intelligent Christians offering their opinions and giving fantastic, biblical references as to why or why not you should feel obligated to vote, who you should vote for, what you should vote for… and honestly it has all left me more confused than when I started off. This election in particular is discouraging because I have people I respect immensely offering different points of view. That being said, I found a post from an OLD blog I had in 2012… and found a great reminder that I wrote to myself. Take a look:

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