TEN Go-to Healthy Meals

Ok, so one of the hardest things about being healthy is eating well. This is especially true for you mamas, because not only do you have to find something that will not send you soaring over your daily calorie count but also will keep the other members of your family from making faces… including the littles.

As things go, there is a lot to be said for not trying to please everyone at the dinner table, but everyone is always a little more cheerful when they’ve been fed something they enjoy and mom is always happier when she doesn’t have to argue about having baked chicken again.

Disclaimer: A LOT of these recipes are from Skinnytaste... and that’s because I LOVE her recipes! I am yet to have a single one that I didn’t absolutely love and have everyone rave about (and in my house my parents are also living with us right now, so that’s four happy adults!). I did try to mix it up a little bit with some of my other go-tos but to be honest the past few months I have been almost exclusively using Skinnytaste since the recipes have been so good and most of them are super easy.

So here are my TEN go-to healthy recipes, which is probably enough for at least two weeks of meal planning (assuming leftovers and/or eating out a few times).

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